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Why Floor Plans Are Important For Orange County Home Sales

According to a recent study from Zillow, potential buyers are more likely to show interest in a property with a floor plan. Let’s take a closer look at why floor plans for home sales are important.

Reasons to Include Floor Plans in Your Listing

  • Stand out from other listings

  • Jumpstart the visualization process

  • Get buyers to move in, mentally

  • Save time by creating a better pool of buyers

  • Because buyers want to see them

Stand Out from other listings

A floor plan is a diagram of the interior and exterior features of a property, such as built-in appliances and cabinetry, or a balcony, garden shed, or pool. A floor plan contains measurements and scale as well as indicators pointing to north.

Harber media 3d floor plan
3D floor plans are sure to catch the eye of potential buyers

If you want to sell your listing fast, then you need to consider how to make it stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways is to include a professional floor plan in your marketing material. Studies show that buyers are more likely to enquire about a property if it includes a floor plan, because this gives them a better idea of how much space they will have when they move in and helps them imagine themselves living there.

To make your property listing really stand out, make sure the floor plan is neat and accurate. Include details such as the room's dimensions and location of windows, doors, and stairs.

Floor plans in 2D make it easy to see the rooms and their relationship to one another. They can be simple black-and-white drawings, or color-coded to indicate which room is which, such as all the bathrooms being blue and the bedrooms being yellow.

Try 3D Floor Plans to make your listings really stand out. 3D Floor Plans show details such as the sizes of windows, the paint color on the wall, and more.

Jumpstart the Visualization Process

Floor plans are not only useful in providing information to buyers; they also enhance the imagination and visualization process.

Some buyers might find it difficult to piece together real estate photos and text to understand the answers to these types of questions. A floor plan is like a bridge between the pictures and the actual property.

Floor plans help buyers quickly assess a property's layout and determine whether it meets their top needs and wishes. They may wonder: Are the bedrooms located near each other? Where are the bathrooms? Will I be able to see into the living room from the kitchen?

A floor plan is a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle. It allows potential buyers to envision how they would decorate, furnish, and live in the property. Whether they visualize their furniture in certain rooms or notice the perfect space for a child’s bedroom, the potential buyer will be more likely to remember the property when the listing includes a floor plan.

Get Buyers to Move in, Mentally

Floor plans help buyers answer key questions before moving into a new home, such as: Is the kitchen large enough for the antique dining table we hope to buy? Can we fit our king-size bed in the master bedroom?

Harber media schematic floor plan
Floor plans are a great addition to marketing a listing even on a budget

Potential buyers may develop an emotional attachment to a property before they even see it— a huge advantage over listings without floor plans.

By visualizing themselves in the home, buyers may feel more connected to it and thus be more likely to purchase it.

Save Time by Creating A Better Pool of Buyers

Buying a home can be a time-consuming process. People looking to buy a property spend a lot of time researching listings and visiting open houses.

If, for example, a potential buyer is looking for a huge ocean-facing balcony or a spacious dining room for a large dining table, floor plans can help save time and money by narrowing the search to homes that fit the buyer's specific wants.

When you include a professional floor plan, you can avoid wasting time and increase the odds of selling your listing quickly. By sorting out unqualified buyers, the floor plan helps narrow the field to qualified prospects, creating a competitive situation where a buyer is more likely to make an offer.

Buyers Want To See Floor Plans

A look at the numbers:

  • 64% of home buyers are interested in viewing floor plans (Zillow)

  • 51% of buyers who found their home online found floor plans useful (National Association of Realtors)

  • A listing with a floor plan reduces time on the market by up to 50% (mov8 Real Estate)

  • 20% of buyers will ignore a listing if it does not include a floor plan (Rightmove)

  • 10% of buyers will not schedule a showing if they do not see a floor plan first (Rightmove)

Floor plans are crucial to home sales, and including them with listings provides benefits to buyers as well as sellers. Are you ready to increase the sale price of your listings while decreasing the number of days on market?

Harber Media has three different options to best suit your needs and your budget. We offer simple schematic floor plans or more detailed 3D floor plans for those listings where the marketing budget is tight to Matterport 3D Tours for those listings which demand the latest in virtual reality technology.

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