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Common Questions

What is your pricing structure for real estate photography services, and are there any additional fees for extra services or rush delivery?

We believe in a simple pricing structure. We charge by the number of photos so that you know how many final images to expect upon delivery. Generally, there are no additional fees added to the cost of our services. For properties outside of our typical service area, we will discuss any travel fees prior to finalizing your booking.

How many photos do you take per listing, and how many do you provide to the client?

We offer a few different photo packages ranging from 10-15 photos up to 60 photos. We are happy to provide guidance on how many photos it typically takes to cover a specific listing but, ultimately, we allow the agent to choose a package that fits their needs and budget.

How long does a typical real estate photography session take?

Depending on how many photos you order, a typical session lasts about 30 minutes but can go up to an hour for larger listings. When adding additional services to your order, the length of your appointment can vary greatly.

How quickly can you deliver the final photos to the client?

You will have your final photos within 24 hours of your appointment. There may be a rare situation when the final photos will not be delivered until 48 hours after your appointment but if a delay happens or is expected, this will be communicated to you as soon as possible.

My images were shot on Friday. When do I get them?

For shoots done on Friday you will receive them within 24 hours from the end of your shoot. Our processing team works on Saturdays to get Friday shoots processed in time.
For shoots done on Sat/Sun, you will receive them Monday by noon.

Can I request a Monday-morning appointment over the weekend?

Yes! We will be happy to accommodate you Monday morning. You will hear back from us either on Sunday or early Monday morning - before 9 am - if there is an opening.

What kind of equipment do you use for your services?

We use modern equipment for all of our real estate media services. In fact, our equipment is WAY more than what is actually needed to produce the highest quality which allows us to future proof our gear from becoming obsolete over the next several years. That being said, technology improves at an extremely fast rate so we may not always have the newest equipment released. But we will always have the proper equipment to get the job done to your satisfaction!

What kind of editing do you preform on the photos before delivering them to the client?

We photograph using AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) with either 3 or 5 exposures to produce well-lit, HDR (high dynamic range) final images which are hand blended.

Do you offer any additional services, such as aerial photography or videography?

Yes! Harber Media is a full-service real estate media company. We offer a wide range of photography and videography options. A general overview of our services can be found here.

Can you change the skies?

Yes, we can definitely change the sky, regardless of the time of the day the image was photographed. This service is free as long as you book it when your book your appointment.

Can you green the grass?

Yes, we will definitely green grass. We cannot green dirt or add in patches where grass does not exist, due to MLS regulations and we don’t green grass on another property. But this service is free as long as your request it when booking your photography.

Are you able to provide virtual staging services?

Yes! Virtual Staging is often a cost-effective solution for showing off vacant listings when compared to hiring a staging company. Delivery of virtually staged images takes a little longer than edited images since we provide the client with edited images first and let them decide which photos to stage. This process can take up to 24 hours after deciding which images to have virtually staged.. 

Can you photograph the neighborhood amenities?

Yes, as long as it is requested at the time of booking or on-site. Also, we cannot take amenities photos if there are people in the shot, for privacy reasons. Amenity shots are considered additional shots, so they will not be included/counted as part of your photo package. There will be a charge of $40 for four additional images. Because of our limited time frame, we ask that you please provide cross streets, addresses or exact directions to where the amenities are so we can locate them in a timely manner.

Can you provide examples of your previous real estate photography work?

Yes! Examples of our real estate photography work can be found here.

What usage rights do I have for the media with my purchase?

For residential real estate agents with your purchase you are granted permanent, non-transferable usage rights to the media that we produce for you. This means that you can use the media for your listing, personal brand/marketing, or social media. However you are not permitted to sell, give, or transfer the media to others without our express written permission. If a third-party is interested in purchasing or using the media, they must contact us. Harber Media is the owner of the copyright of all media produced.

Most other companies only allow you to use media while the listing is active, we go above and beyond by giving you much more extended usage rights compared to our competitors.

Below are some common scenarios and how the usage rights apply:

  • Use the media for your listing on the MLS

  • Use the media on third-party sites like or Zillow

  • Use the media on your personal or business social media accounts

  • Use the media on all print advertising/marketing

  • Use the media for yearly recaps on social media

  • Give the media to homeowner who is selling the house for keep-sake memory purposes

You can not:

  • Give, sell, or transfer the media to another home-services provider like a roofing company, cleaning service, stager, window company or others

  • Give, sell, or transfer the media to another real estate agent - Including the buyer's agent - even if you no longer have the listing

  • Give sell, or transfer the media to the homeowner's who are selling the house if they intend to use the media to rent out or use the photos for any commercial purpose

  • Sell the media to anyone

  • Claim the media as something you produced

This serves as a summary of our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions must be agreed to for each order and serves as the latest version of our usage rights policy.

What if I’m dissatisfied with Harber Media?

Harber Media offers a 100%, no questions asked, totally unbeatable guarantee with absolutely no risk to you. If you are not satisfied with the photographs, we will either come back and shoot again, or you can hand the photos back and pay nothing.

(Note: The images cannot be used in any marketing material upon request of a 100% refund.)

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